Applying for an apprenticeship

How to apply for an apprenticeship

Whether or not you are currently employed you can still apply to study towards an Apprenticeship at DART.

If you know which apprenticeship you’d like to apply for you can contact us on Once we have received your application we will contact you to arrange the next stage of the process.

Already employed?

If you are already employed your employer will need to agree to your enrolment. Please contact us and we will explain the process to you and your employer.

We will complete all the necessary documentation with you, including an initial assessment of your skills, and a health and safety assessment of the work you will be carrying out.

Ready and looking for work, no employer?

If you have decided which occupational area you would like to work in, but have not yet got a job, you will need to identify a vacancy that suits you and be successful in getting that job!

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Animal care and welfare apprentice
Trees and timber apprentice
Apprenticeship Vacancies
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