Apprenticeships for employers

Thousands of businesses across Britain have benefited from training an Apprentice

Here’s how taking on an Apprentice could benefit you:

How are the apprenticeship courses funded?

Apprenticeships are funded through government and employer contributions. If the apprentice is:

  • 16-18 working for a small business (<50) their training will be fully funded*
  • 19+ or working for a Medium size business (50+) an employer contribution may be required
  • Working for a large business or organisation (Payroll of £3m+) training is funded from employers Digital Apprenticeship Service Account
    *small businesses who employ an apprentice between 16-18 may be eligible to receive a financial government incentive

DART are currently training 527 apprentices and are always on the look out for new employers to take Apprentices. If you choose to recruit a DART Apprentice we can offer your business:

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