Pesticides PA6a Knapsack Sprayer

8 December 2020

This course will suit you if you hold the Spraying theory (PA1) qualification before being assessed.

Qualification Level?

This is a level 2 qualification

Qualification notes

Candidates must hold the spraying theory (PA1) qualification before being assessed.  Options for assessment include hydraulic nozzle and atomiser (A), hydraulic atomiser and rotary nozzle near water (AW), granule applicators (C), granule application near water (CW), other applicator with minimal calibration (D).


You will be assessed on the following:

  • Preparing the applicator
  • Using information correctly from labels
  • Daily and routine maintenance of all equipment
  • Cleaning protective equipment and the applicator
Course Length?

one day training followed by individual assessments lasting up to two hours.

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