ROLO Health, Safety & Environmental Awareness

It is of major importance that all workers in the landscaping industry have an understanding of Health & Safety legislation that affects their working practices. Numerous Acts, Agreed Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes exist to ensure their safety, safety of work colleagues & members of the public. Failure to comply with legislation is a criminal offence that is punishable by law.

Course Objectives
  • The ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course is a pre-requisite for anyone applying for a LISS/CSCS skills card.
  • Having an understanding of Health & Safety Legislation
  • Be able to apply the legislation to their workplace
  • Recognise site hazards they may encounter at work and the control measure that may prevent injury
  • Understand the health hazards they may be exposed to at work
  • Identify sources of other information
  • Understand the impact of their work activities on the environment
  • Duration: day (7 hours)

Sucessful candidates will receive a ROLO Health & Safety Awareness Course Certificate enabling them to apply for a ROLO skills card. The certificate also enables candidates who have passed their CSCS “touch screen” Health & Safety Test to apply for a LISS/CSCS Card.

Information regarding the LISS skills card scheme can be found on the BALI website:

LISS/CSCS Information:

ROLO Course Information:


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